Golf Cart Rules


Paying for a “golf cart” with your reservation entitles you to a tag which allows you to drive your personal golf cart on Race View Farms property for the weekend you have reserved. We do NOT provide golf carts for use/rental.

PLEASE NOTE: the track is mandating new rules for Golf Carts on Track property. You may not be able to drive your Golf Cart up to the fence and park, as in years past. Please contact the track for details.

By paying for the privilege to have a golf cart for use on RACE VIEW FARMS property you have agreed to the following rules or risk the impounding of your cart until you leave. We may also require that you vacate the premises immediately depending on the severity or the frequency of the violation(s).


  1. RVF staff must approve all golf carts. You will receive a tag, which must stay on the cart and is clearly visible for the duration of your stay. A new tag will be issued for each race. FASTEN TAG ON THE DRIVERS SIDE. You will be stopped if we can not see your tag or if you are in our opinion… violating a rule.
  2. Golf carts are to be driven by licensed drivers 18 years of age, or older NOT CHILDREN, and MUST have a light on after dusk.
  3. Golf carts may NOT be used between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am.
  4. Everyone riding on the cart must have a seat and be seated in it while the cart is in motion. Chairs strapped on are not considered acceptable seating.
  5. NO CRUISING / Joy riding in golf carts will be allowed anywhere on the property. Children are not allowed to drive around the campgrounds. If you are told to return to your campsite with your golf cart you must do so immediately.
  6. SLOW and COURTEOUS driving is expected at all times. DO NOT drive through other people’s campgrounds, please use the designated roadways throughout the grounds. No riding in the open fields to the West and North of the campgrounds is permitted.
  7. Driving on the berm (which is the property of Chicagoland Speedway) or driving around in the open fields IS NOT ALLOWED.
  8. NO ATV’s, dirt bikes, bar fly etc. will be allowed. Pedal bicycles are allowed.
  9. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and driving will not be allowed in any vehicle.
  10. Utilization of golf carts is restricted to Race View Farms property only!

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.